We believe that as a fashion company we have a responsibility towards the people we work with and towards our planet. We work every day to ensure that our strategies are increasingly sustainable and to educate our community on the issues that are important to us.

As a first step towards a more sustainable future, we will launch Oui, c'est moi ('Yes, it's me' in French), a project that has a dual objective: to reduce waste in the production process whilst restoring those values ​​that once defined bag manufacturing. Uniqueness, human rhythm, patience, circularity and transparency in communication.

Unfortunately it is not a poetic ensemble of words but some of the fundamental prerogatives that in 2020 should dictate every decision made by fashion companies (and not only). IRERI wants to adopt a new way of making bags, pursuing a slower and more "natural" approach, benefiting both us and the planet that hosts us.

The production is based on a made-to-order model. Every year we launch a few models which can be ordered in a limited timespan. Once your orders have been collected, production begins and we will be documenting the entire process.

The customer becomes part of the story right away. Each phase of the production process is documented through photos and videos and shared with you, actualising the desire and need of the brand to communicate transparently.

Waiting is part of the "game"...

The consumer evolution in recent years has led us to want “everything, immediately”, both from the point of view of purchasing a product and from a personal success perspective. We often aspire to go "viral", forgetting what we really want to achieve. IRERI puts the return to humanity and respect for the planet at the center of its work. The bag you buy is a belief, a statement, a way of restoring lost yet fundamental values ​​and ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

Irene x

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